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First, I want to apologize for the lack of new posts this summer but have been busy at a new job and moving my family to Europe. I’ll be posting again in September.

I also wanted to see if anyone was interested in a great opportunity with PokerStars (part of Amaya). I am looking for someone to lead user acquisition, growth and cross promotion for our team, which is growing rapidly. Click here to see the job description.

The good news is you already know how I think, so there would not be any surprises with the position.

Lloyd Melnick:

I wonder when the mobile and social game industry will notice this huge market.

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We’re just midway through broadcasters’ Upfronts Week, but Univision may emerge as the company with the least defensive presentation. It was resolutely upbeat, and specific, even as it continues to fight a lingering impression among some advertisers that Spanish-language audiences tend to be comparatively old or hard up — losing younger, bilingual viewers to the major networks and digital outlets.

Advertisers who increase their spending on digital video are “trying to chase this fragmenting viewer,” Advertising Sales EVP Steve Mandala said in his company’s gathering today. “Fragmentation is about other networks, not [Univision].” Some 91% of its viewers watch live vs anywhere from 44% to 56% for other major networks. “There’s no way to drive the opening-weekend box office…if the consumer isn’t seeing your ad exactly when you want them to see it.”

He added that 73% of the Univision audience doesn’t watch the “top 10 networks where the majority of your TV dollars are…

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A perfect example of great customer service and awful customer service by two competitors

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(David Transier) (David Transier)

Generally when people decide to pay it forward, it involves purchasing the coffee for the vehicle behind them in the drive-thru or covering the cost of diapers for the woman ahead of them at the register. For an employee of Alaska Airlines in Seattle it meant taking out her own credit card to buy a new plane ticket for another airline’s stranded passenger.

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Great post on how to improve your chances of raising funds from institutional investors.

We just launched our social casino game, Hit It Rich, on Facebook. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

For those who have not seen the news, Zynga acquired Spooky Cool Labs today.

Happy Holidays

Lloyd Melnick —  December 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

I wanted to wish everyone a very wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year. I look forward to sharing ideas and thoughts with all of you next year.

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