Goodbye, Mr. Jobs

Rather than reiterating what has been written elsewhere, I wanted to post my thoughts on Steve Job’s impact. I am far from an Apple-phile, I have always pushed for DOS and Windows over Mac, did not have my first iPod until I was given one about three years ago and thought the iPhone did not have a chance in the crowded mobile market, but I believe Steve Jobs was arguably the most important person of the last ten years.

Not only did he turn around Apple (to put it mildly), but he saved the US tech industry. Unlike the other tech leaders, Apples products caused excitement throughout the country (and arguable the world). Not to diminish the contributions of the Facebooks and Oracles of the world, but what Steve Jobs built at Apple captures the imagination of entrepreneurs and business leaders and individuals throughout the world. This excitement translated into an energy in the Bay area that drove and continues to drive a confidence and dynamism that is created billions of dollars in market cap, thousands of new companies and tens of thousands of jobs. Steve Jobs did not only turnaround Apple, but is largely responsible for one of the few bright spots in the world economy, the robust tech sector.

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