Marketing by engaging your community

I have written several times how social game companies need to improve their marketing to encompass more than performance advertising (ads purchased on a CPC or CPI basis). It is frustrating that old school companies like Ford and Unilever are so much better at leveraging their community and social media for brand building than many companies whose products live on social media.

A recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Enhancing Relationships With Customers Through Online Brand Communities, does a wonderful job of showing what strategies companies (e.g., social game companies) can use to build their business through communication with players. In the article, the authors research showed that effective communication would improve customer confidence, which in turn should lead to higher sales (especially in a free-to-play environment). The article showed four ways companies can improve the quality of communications with their customers. Continue reading “Marketing by engaging your community”

How to capitalize on emerging markets

NigeriaI have written several times about the great opportunities for mobile games in emerging markets, particularly some of the lesser known markets such as Vietnam and Nigeria. A recent article in the McKinsey Quarterly, “Act like a hero: How to sell in emerging markets,” did a great job of describing how companies can actually turn these opportunities into profits. Although these opportunities are incredibly exciting, it takes significant effort and the backing of your whole company to penetrate international markets, let alone emerging markets. If your company is at the point where it can focus on building its sales outside the home market, the following steps are a great roadmap to success.

How to succeed in emerging markets

The key to success in emerging markets is realizing the consumer is different and then understanding these differences. What works in the US, Japan or the EU probably will not work in an emerging market, and trying to force that product or strategy can cause a false negative (a perception that there is no opportunity when there really is one). There are three imperatives to accelerate growth in emerging markets: Continue reading “How to capitalize on emerging markets”

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