How to capitalize on emerging markets

NigeriaI have written several times about the great opportunities for mobile games in emerging markets, particularly some of the lesser known markets such as Vietnam and Nigeria. A recent article in the McKinsey Quarterly, “Act like a hero: How to sell in emerging markets,” did a great job of describing how companies can actually turn these opportunities into profits. Although these opportunities are incredibly exciting, it takes significant effort and the backing of your whole company to penetrate international markets, let alone emerging markets. If your company is at the point where it can focus on building its sales outside the home market, the following steps are a great roadmap to success.

How to succeed in emerging markets

The key to success in emerging markets is realizing the consumer is different and then understanding these differences. What works in the US, Japan or the EU probably will not work in an emerging market, and trying to force that product or strategy can cause a false negative (a perception that there is no opportunity when there really is one). There are three imperatives to accelerate growth in emerging markets: Continue reading “How to capitalize on emerging markets”

Opportunities in emerging, emerging markets

MyanmarTo me, one of the most exciting opportunities in social media and gaming is in the truly emerging markets, the countries one or two economic tiers below what is currently considered the emerging economic group (the latter consisting of countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China). I wrote a few months ago about how interesting Africa is potentially to social game companies and I wanted to expand on those thoughts now that a recent TechCrunch article has highlighted the opportunity. Continue reading “Opportunities in emerging, emerging markets”

And the markets where I am optimistic

After last week’s post on the two countries I do not feel are worth the attention of social game companies , I received more emails than after any other post, with many asking what territories I felt positive about. I now know how the writers of 24 felt as people clamored to know what was going to happen next. So next week, I will post about the countries I think deserve your attention.

Just kidding! The countries that I am most optimistic about are Poland, Turkey and Colombia.

Poland map Continue reading “And the markets where I am optimistic”

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