Opportunities in emerging, emerging markets

MyanmarTo me, one of the most exciting opportunities in social media and gaming is in the truly emerging markets, the countries one or two economic tiers below what is currently considered the emerging economic group (the latter consisting of countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China). I wrote a few months ago about how interesting Africa is potentially to social game companies and I wanted to expand on those thoughts now that a recent TechCrunch article has highlighted the opportunity. Continue reading “Opportunities in emerging, emerging markets”

Moneyball strikes again: How to use analytics for sustained competitive advantage

Monday night the Oakland A’s gained a playoff berth with a roster that most experts believed at the beginning of the season would not even approach playing .500 baseball. Although most experts in hindsight now see the quality of the A’s players, they are failing to realize their success is again the result of Billy Beane’s (Oakland’s General Manager) ability to use analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

Oakland A’s celebrate reaching the playoffs Continue reading “Moneyball strikes again: How to use analytics for sustained competitive advantage”

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