One thought on “The need to focus on tablets”

  1. I absolutely agree about the importance of tablets, and the need to reorient designs to tablets. The difference in typical gameplay duration (15-30+ minutes instead of 1-3 min), screen display, and user interface can mean that good tablet games may not work as phone games. Limiting your games to those that run on both phone and tablet simultaneously means you’re ignoring the huge opportunity in tablet gaming.

    I do disagree about soft console controllers – they are a relic of the past, much like MS Word still supporting arrow-key cursor control even though people have been using a mouse for over 15 years. A touch-based UI with tap, swipe and pinch is far more natural to a tablet user (see Supercell’s Hay Day for an example of how to astutely apply touch based controls to a farming game).

    Today, too many company leaders can’t get past buzzwords like “mobile,” which causes them to insist on phone before tablet, and that the same game ship on both phone and tablet. It is refreshing to see a corporate leader understand the changing landscape of the game industry.


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