The beauty of starting a company in this day and age

Although founding a company is always a challenge, there has never been a better time than now for starting a business. The acquisition announced last month of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion illustrates this opportunity. It is not the size of the deal; there have been huge deals that have made founders incredibly wealthy for decades. What is exciting is how WhatsApp achieved this huge exit.

What is amazing now is that you can build a $19 billion business quickly without a huge investment because of cloud computing. When you look at Microsoft and Google (and even Facebook), it took them thousands of engineers to build their businesses. WhatsApp has just 32 software engineers, which means that each one supported about 14 million users.

WhatsApp logo
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The key to measuring the success of your social media marketing

Although most people realize the value of social media marketing (in addition to paid social media performance advertising), few understand the subtleties of understanding how to measure its effectiveness. The secret is to measure engagement.

The relationship era

I was recently at a dinner with Doug Levy, the author of Can’t Buy Me Like, and Doug eloquently made the point that marketing has made a fundamental shift from persuading people to buy to creating trust in your product, and that is what persuades people to buy from you. The most successful marketers are ones who have the greatest expertise in gaining authentic relationships. Among those who have worked with and endorse Doug’s ideas are the CEOs of Whole Foods, Panera Bread and Patagonia, real companies that are highly profitable. Continue reading “The key to measuring the success of your social media marketing”

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