21 thoughts on “Thoughts from GDC”

  1. Hello,

    It is amazing what you wrote about my country, but I would be pleased if you could fix one little mistake.
    Our country is called Colombia, not Columbia.

    Thanks a lot, and congratulations on this awesome site.


  2. You spelled ColOmbia wrong…. Its incredible how people can write these articles without even going through a revision process. Worst of all you posted a map of Colombia with the correct spelling and didn’t even notice your error.


  3. Hey Lloyd!! thanks for the great comments about the Colombian industry! we are working really hard to become the next hot spot for videogames development in Latin America and your article is both a validation that our efforts are paying off and a great motivation to keep moving forward! Btw, I apologize on behalf of the comments focusing on the grammatical error, they are not representative at all about the general feeling the people from the local industry got from your great article. Thanks again and hope to see you on future events!


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