5 thoughts on “Social Game Marketing presentation for SGS”

  1. Hi Lloyd, what do you think of the idea that social games need CRM… the kind practiced by telcos, financial services and retailers? We have been spending so much time on the front end of marketing (UA), but almost no marketing after the player has started playing the game… But since players may pay you throughout a relationship that may span 12-18 months, doesn’t it make sense that we should also focus on converting/retainer the users that we have spent money acquiring? Thoughts appreciated…


    1. I agree completely. For me, Game Services (customer support and community management) is an integral part of our marketing plan, and even higher level marketing’s goals include re-engagement as well as new user acquisition.


      1. Thanks Lloyd. The CRM practised by Telcos is quite sophisticated, segmenting the users into as many as 40 different sub-segments, scoring each user on their likelihood to buy new phone, get new plan, upgrade to higher data tier, churn, influence friends etc, and then having automated campaigns to each of these segments and “likely” users. Customer service and community management is added on top of this CRM analytics. So far I haven’t seen a game developer with that level of customer marketing… Anyways, good luck at SGS!


  2. It’s interesting that you mention this as we have been looking for an analytics solutions that allows us to really drill down on the customers as you describe. Most of the off the shelf game analytic tools are very superficial in this regard.


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