6 thoughts on “What Interpublic’s investment in Kiip means”

  1. I’m skeptical on the Kiip type of player reward. We tried Kiip in 2012 and pulled it out after poor results and negative player feedback. I’ve noticed other games removing it as well.

    Also, interactions with Kiip themselves were mixed. They have a revolving door of senior execs and a lot of very junior people with limited experience.

    Frankly I am surprised investors are backing startups like this given the demonstrated lack of traction.

    Your mileage may vary.


    1. With the space overall, I think the logic of why it will work is what is driving the investment. As I listed, there are several companies taking a different approach to the opportunity (and with different types of teams) but investors probably see the high level opportunity.


    2. Hey Exec – I work with Kiip. Lots of stuff can be made much better with optimizing the flow for apps and we may have missed doing that with you. In some games, users just don’t react well to Kiip, so that could entirely be the case, but we’ve only seen that less than 10 times in the over 700 apps that we have. Happy to talk with you again and work something out: kunaal@kiip.me.


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