Presentation on data quality and LTV

Presentation I recently gave at Groundwork Labs on LTV and data quality:

Author: Lloyd Melnick

I am GM of Chumba at VGW, where I lead the Chumba Casino team. Previously, I was Director of StarsPlay, the social gaming vertical for the Stars Group. I was also Sr Dir at Zynga's social casino (including Hit It Rich! slots, Zynga Poker and our mobile games), where I led VIP CRM efforts and arranged licensing deals. I have been a central part of the senior management team (CCO, GM and CGO) at three exits (Merscom/Playdom, Playdom/Disney and Spooky Cool/Zynga) worth over $700 million.

2 thoughts on “Presentation on data quality and LTV”

    1. Take a look at your product. If it is obviously not good (or in the case of a game, not fun), even if the metrics are good it is not going to be successful and the metrics will shift. If the metrics are bad but it looks and feels like a good product, then it probably just needs some minor changes.


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