2 thoughts on “Thinking, Fast and Slow, Part 1: The Linda Problem”

  1. I saw a version of this on sharpbrains.com and it had Linda as a 31 yr old who was active in social justice and environmental protests in highschool and college options of which is most likely:
    a) she’s a news reporter
    b) she’s a bank teller
    c) she’s a bank teller who is active in the environmental movement.

    I completely missed this since I guessed “a” since it mentioned college and a news reporter position could require a journalism degree (or some sort of degree) where a teller position can be gotten with a highschool diploma (or sometimes lower as a hs internship). I thought her activities were meant to be a red herring and the education vs job type was the real question 😛 I guess from that thought, it never said she graduated even though she was described as bright, thus the joe shmoe teller position would still be more likely (graduated and took specific position vs just took specific position).


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