2 thoughts on “The dark cloud over social casino revenue”

  1. I believe social casinos are ripe for disruption. Player advancement mechanics are very weak, just like the match-3 games until Candy Crush Saga came along and provided a simple, clear, attractive advancement mechanic.

    I believe the same is possible in the casino space, which all player activity casino games in a company’s online portal driving a single “level up” mechanic. Each “level” of advancement can provide various “comps” (freebies) within the space, as well as various social prestige items that are visible both to the player, and everyone that player encounters within the portal. Obviously, the ability to show and bag about levels outside the casino portal would be nice, and while the days of social posts to facebook may be over, there could be other common social sites that could be “flogged” to make advancement more visible and desirable.

    I recommend that advancement come from play, with some rewards for just playing each other, and bonus rewards for a player’s winnings in each game. Wargaming.net has been very successful with rewarding gamers for fighting battles in tanks, warplanes, or warships. Why not give similar style rewards to casino gamers?


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