Growth through content

Too often, companies rely on paid user acquisition and tricks to grow their apps, services or games, while neglecting to consider growth in their content (e.g., blog posts, infographics) creation. There was recently a great blog post by Kissmetrics that discussed how to growth hack your content, so that these efforts contribute to your growth. I recommend you read the post but will summarize the key points.

To become a “content hacker,” as Kissmetrics calls it, there are five key tactics:Slide1

  • Create great headlines.The headline is the most important part of your post or content. To create a powerful headline, you do not want to give away your full post, nor do you want to give it away in the shared image or text. You also do not want to be negative or shrill (who wants to read a depressing post). Also, do not try to be too clever.
  • Make your content more shareable. You need to make it easy to share your headline and content with the world, and not with just the usual share buttons. Some of the tools they suggest include Markerly, a simple sharing widget that automatically makes images or highlighted text shareable on your site. This plug-in
    can be added to any site with some simple JavaScript code. Another option is adding Click to Tweet calls-to-action in your post. Continue reading “Growth through content”
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