How thank you notes can help your business succeed

There was a great post recently on, “How 13,000 Handwritten Thank You Notes Built A Thriving Business,” about how good old-fashioned thank you notes could be used as a growth and retention tool.

To show the value of thank you notes, the author points to the example of HEX. HEX is a small company that competes with big brands from Tumi to Michael Kors, and has in part competed by incorporating personalized, handwritten thank you notes to purchasers–over 13,000 thanks notes to date. The notes do make it easy to respond or share word of HEX over social channels, both by the inclusion of social coordinates and because in addition to the handwritten note, the customers receive an automated online confirmation that can be replied to. Given that HEX is successfully competed with well financed companies, thank you notes turn into a strong tool for small companies.

Thank you note

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