Using machine learning to improve customer interaction

I recently read a very interesting post, How Machine Learning can Improve Customer Interaction, that does a great job of listing different ways you can leverage machine learning to communicate better with your customers. The ideas include:

Machine learning

  • A personalized approach when you visit a website. When you are on an e-commerce site or using a search engine, the host collects rich information on your behavior. Machine learning analyzes the data and transforms the website into something geared to the individual customer. Machine learning then will control what you see, what appears in a search bar, how the site communicates with you, to best meet your individual needs.
  • Making recommendations. Making recommendations relevant for the user was one of the first major consumer applications of machine learning. Virtually everyone has experienced Amazon’s recommendations, when you make a purchase it recommends products likely to resonate (and almost everyone has taken advantage of these recommendations). Automated personalization with machine learning takes information about the shopper, refines those recommendations and tailors them specifically to the individual shopper. As the article points out, “it is like having a salesperson with the customer the whole time, pointing out what products he or she thinks are right up the customer’s alley.”

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