Asia looms large for social casino games

With the growing importance of social casino products to the mobile and social gaming space, it is important to look at an important evolution in the land based casino world that will probably impact game companies. I have blogged many times about international opportunities for game companies, and these opportunities are going to become more important in the social casino space. A recent article in The Economist, “The rise of the low-rollers,” highlights how the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the biggest market for casinos by 2015 (as recently as 2010, the United States made up nearly half the global gambling market). This evolution is likely to be mirrored in the social casino space. In this post, I am going to lay out some developments on the land-based side and you can extrapolate how it might impact the social casino space.

Sands Macau

Macau leads the way

When you look at Asia, you need to start with Macau, the former Portuguese colony now part of China. Described by Sheldon Alderson, the Chairman and CEO of Sands Corporation, as “The Las Vegas of the Far East,” its casinos generated $38 billion last year. Continue reading “Asia looms large for social casino games”

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