10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Spry Fox/6Waves Situation”

  1. Well said. I too have had a positive impression of 6Waves up until this incident, as a colleague of mine works in their BD department. So this is very troubling. Hopefully justice is served here.


  2. Nintendo have been doing this for years, as have probably every large games studio on the planet. Cool idea comes to you > steal it immediately. They grow and don’t look back, while the victim in this case, files a court order and bemoans the injustice they have faced.

    You can’t copyright game ideas, this court motion has no chance. You can patent them, but I doubt theres a patent.

    The irony of all of this is Yeti Town is the far superior product. I’ve played both, YT is far less annoying.


    1. I would disagree. I have worked with Nintendo and many other companies and they have not to my knowledge been in negotiations with a developer to license or publish a game (and seeing confidential info) and then “steal it.” There have been a lot of game mechanics copied, Spry Fox did not invent Match-3, but to me the over-riding issue is the dishonesty tied to the publishing negotiations.


      1. Worked for Nintendo Japan did you?
        I’ve seen it happen in various places. Heck, most survive on re-skins. Consumer doesn’t give a damn, in fact they welcome it as they don’t have to learn something now.


  3. Hi everyone,
    Here’s another NASDAQ listed company – Taomee whom had also done the same in China on 2 of it’s products. (1.) 51 Mole – copying Club Penguin and (2.) Mole on iPhone/iPad – copying Smurf exactly.


    1. But where they in negotiations with Disney and Beeline, respectively? My guess is no. There are a lot of clones and illegal copies out there, especially in Russia and China, but to me that is a different issue. What I found incredible here was that 6Waves was getting confidential data from SpryFox at the same time it was cloning the game.


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