5 thoughts on “What the Apple/Samsung jury verdict means to social game companies”

  1. I agree, but you should consider that this is a US only verdict, and year after year the world is being more relevant than the US, specially for Samsung that they sell more devices out the US than in the US; as matter of the fact, is well known that someday China will be a bigger market than the US. Therefore I believe there will be no major changes, only tweaks for the US market.


    1. I am the last person to suggest a US only verdict will affect the entire world. That said, Apple has won similar decisions in other territories, including the Germany, Australia and even South Korea (where both Apple and Samsung won various court battles). For a company like Samsung (or Google/Motorola), the US market is a key part of its strategy (and profitability). They are not likely to create devices (at least ones that require significant R&D) that they can’t sell in the US. Conversely, companies like ZTE or Huawei would almost certainly (and happily) create products that may not stand up in US courts but that they can sell throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa. If anything, this phenomenon will reinforce one of my conclusions, that you will see more fragmentation as companies create different devices for different markets. This will then create a challenge for social game companies, in deciding whether you want to support a device that has the bulk of its market shares in territories that do not monetize at the same level as other markets.


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