How to hire for analytic positions

Given the importance of analytics to social and mobile game companies (just see all my posts about LTV, performance marketing, virality, monetization, etc.), having the best business intelligence (BI) team is of central importance. Finding that talent, however, is not easy. I have been very lucky to work with some of the best BI talent throughout my career; they have made me look much smarter than I am. Not everyone will be as lucky as I have been. A recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review provides great advice on predicting the performance of potential analysts.

Data Ninja

The article points out that the ideal analyst does not exist; the job description is looking for a “unicorn.” You should not be hiring for a laundry list of skills (e.g., “I need someone with R, SWRVE and Mixpanel expertise”) because the game industry is evolving so quickly most of those skills will soon be outdated. Instead, you should look for the curiosity to keep learning, rather than the skills themselves. Continue reading “How to hire for analytic positions”

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