5 thoughts on “Getting coffee is not a sales strategy”

  1. Lloyd,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I couldn’t agree with you more about scheduling senseless meetings. This not only is an acceptable business practice in corporate America, but I’ve met some people who actually qualify their day in this manner. “I had 4 meetings today.” No mention of what they accomplished or what was gained, just the number of meetings attended. Thanks for your insight.


  2. Lloyd,

    We have often discussed the problems that salespeople have with “qualifying” their funnels or pipelines. You highlight the issue at the level of prospecting but it is rampant at every level of the sales funnel. This is largely a problem of measuring activity (in this case meetings) versus results (sales). As a salesperson you should take every “No” that you receive as a gift of un-wasted time. Most of the folks that don’t want to qualify a funnel are simply afraid that when you do take a hard look at your funnel it tends to dwindle rapidly. Great Post!


  3. The key tale aways are spot on. Recently I’ve been trying to go to meetups and gain potential leads and partnerships. But going to some of them the number one thing in mind is socialization and not really making business connections. So my main goal is not to waste precious time when it comes to building business relationships.


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