2 thoughts on “More effective project management”

  1. Your “rolling wave” approach has a very useful process now extensively used in the game industry under the name “Scrum.” It’s not a perfect process, but it has all the features you describe. Like any processes, Scrum only works to the degree that a studio is willing to embrace it.

    I have noticed that almost all game studios have no appreciation of project management as a discipline. Today most game companies remain ignorant of an important professional qualification required of project managers in other fields, from construction to military contracting: the PMP certification. Although a PMP does not insure that a project manager is good, it does insure that the person SHOULD know the basics of managing a project, from proper initiation to useful closure. Today game producers need 10-15 years of experience in a career spanning 3-4 companies to learn the basics every PMP is required to know.

    If nothing else, requiring a PMP from project managers insures that everyone in project management uses the same lingo and terminology. I’ve seen project management teams fail to communicate because each person used the same term, but meant something totally different.

    Incidentally, in the UK the “PRINCE2” certification is similar but slightly more rigorous than the PMP. For game project management, I believe a PMP would be sufficient.


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