2 thoughts on “The Amazon Maneuver”

  1. “Any of the millions of people who subscribe to Amazon Prime will have to make the choice of buying a Fire device and seeing the content for free as part of their subscription or paying for it twice so they can view it on their iOS device (if the content is even available in the App Store).”

    Is the implication that you think that they will discontinue the Amazon Instant Video (Prime & Purchased) app for the iPad?


    1. Good point, Greg, and I actually meant to address it in my post. My feeling is that Amazon will eventually (and your guess is as good as mine on timing) limit what i8t provides through its iOS app and keep the top content for the Fire (I am also thinking they will limit what is available on other Android devices). It will take a while, but as they add more premium content they eventually will need to offer tiered levels of service regardless.


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