6 thoughts on “The secret of creating a hit game”

  1. Very to the Point, Lloyd… just for curiosity have you been a musician at some point in your career or involved in movie production (as a creative) at some point in your career? This bit of insight is very “transmedia”.


  2. Never loved too simple games, hate casuals, sorry, but maybe I won’t ever make a hit but I’m always in the side of “smart” games. In my opinion, games should also teach smth, but mini games are just time burners, no real use of them. I have no feel of enjoyment after these games, but after games which are complex and in some point hard, and when I pass levels or win great achievements I feel that I earned smth really useful and by this I will get closer to that game and will remember till the end. And this is what it makes to be a game. Not just 2 minute fun which you play between train stations and forget after you install another ‘hit’.


    1. Nothing wrong in creating a game you love, in fact it can be fantastic. But if you do want to make a hit product, though, you should be creating it for the audience or market, not yourself. It depends on your goal.


      1. Definitely it should be created to the audience, coz’ why you need even make a game. But, every genre has its own audience, so, someone will play it, some will like and some will dislike. But if you will “struck gold” with your game it’s a win, but if you don’t, no problem there still be some fans and they will praise your work and maybe your game will inspire other game dev to make contribution to that genre, and that will be a hit. All in all the industry will gain a big boost in shape of new features or new ideas or maybe new genre or sub-genre. And that is what shapes the gaming industry. I’m not saying that mini games are useless, they also bring their part to whole infrastructure, but I think that game devs should not aim the fortune while making the game, it is a wrong start IMO.
        Yes, it depends on your goal, but I really hate the state of affairs in mobile gaming nowadays. From day to day games (mobile games for now) are becoming money suckers, this is wrong. They should give not take, if a game is worth smth you will gain much more than some cash. And if you want to be a millionaire I think it is not that type of job you need, instead you should promote games or go outside making business. But if you are really into making games, then stop thinking about money and start making smth you will really like.


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