4 thoughts on “Data and analytics: the enemy of innovation”

  1. Fully acknowledge the same. However, I see the bigger issue out here is about the strategy being adopted by all these companies. Had the strategy been about expanding the market, one wouldn’t have landed in such precarious situation. With regards to gaming, traditional companies never really questioned themselves about the barriers to expansion to segments outside of hard core gamers.. People would love to have an additional medium of entertainment but probably wouldn’t have dying passion of hard core gamer. If given a choice of casual games, which really doesn’t need special skills, he would love to spend some leisure time on new medium outside of traditional means of entertainment.


    1. They are related. There are a lot of forces working against companies in trying to expand the market. It starts with focus on your customers versus creating for customers you don’t know intimately, extends to pursuing opps with a lower ROI and includes projects that do not generate enough revenue. This is exactly the issue that Christensen addresses as these companies are acting rationally.


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